Volume: 26 Issue: 4 (April 2003)


Character Driven
The Getaway provides the adrenaline rush of an action movie and the immersion of a first-person shooter game
Graphics to Go
The use of 3D graphics on mobile phones is still more cutting edge than commonplace—at least in the United States and Europe—but a variety of players are hard at work to change that situation. ...
Layer by Layer
Usually, realism is the overriding goal of artists creating digital effects sequences for live-action films. For some projects, however, it doesn't make sense to strive for realism when the result ...
Pyramid Scheme
The Great Pyramid of Giza, the burial place of King Khufu, was constructed more than 4500 years ago, yet its craftsmanship makes it one of the most impressive structures ever built. This architectural ...


FreeForm Version 6
Interacting with 3D objects on a computer is a conceptual stretch for many people. From a visual standpoint, it's difficult to view a 3D object properly on a 2D screen. From an interactive standpoint, ...
NAB 2003 Show Preview

Art Studio - 4/03
More than 1800 professionals and students attended the conferences, exhibition, and awards ceremony at Imagina, often referred to the SIGGRAPH of Europe. This year, a new emphasis was given to video ...
Rumblings of Recovery
Last month in this space, we found out what top analysts from the worlds of digital content creation and 3D computer graphics had to say about current business conditions and what, if any, promising ...
Spotlight - 4/03

Escape Artist
On The Getaway—a new form of entertainment that blends gaming and cinematic storytelling
Editing Evolution
There's good news and bad for those in the market for a desktop non-linear editing (NLE) system. The good news—thanks to recent advances in computer hardware, dropping prices, and the proliferation of ...
Films of the Future
A guy, a girl, and a car. Ah, the stories you could tell, the movies you could make, if only...if only you could afford to hire the cast, crew, a director of photography, location scout, costume ...
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