Volume: 26 Issue: 2 (Feb 2003)


Closer Encounters
Otherworldly effects embellish alien imagery in the science-fiction miniseries Taken
Combining Forces
The best of the Lucas empire—game developer LucasArts and feature-film production company ILM—.joined forces to create the stunning scenes in the computer game Star Wars Bounty Hunter.
Pivotal Role
And the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor goes to... Dobby, the House Elf?
The Two Towers
When visual effects supervisor Jim Rygiel heard that The Fellowship of the Ring, the first film in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, had won the 2001 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects, he didn't ...


Art Lessons
Any client who has worked with an artist—or any artists who has worked with a client—knows that when both parties are in sync, the outcome can be a great success; but when they’re not, it can be a ...
Art Studio - 2/03
Although respectful of traditional art, Haraszti finds that the digital medium is well suited to his needs. "My love for drawing will never change," he says. "But I can produce works on the computer ...
Products - 2/03

Backdrop - 2/03
Jon Knoles is director of LucasArts, whose latest game, Star Wars Bounty Hunter, was created in collaboration with ILM (see "Combining Forces," pg. 16).
Modeling and Animation
Alias|Wavefront's flagship modeling and animation program, Maya, has been in transition recently. The package has seen a new surge in popularity since the company drastically cut the price of the ...
Shooting in High Def
Rod Paul, director of Primary Pictures, an Atlanta-based production facility that focuses on TV commercials and documentaries, remembers the exact moment he became convinced it was time to move ...



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