Audre Vysniauskas
Issue: Volume: 26 Issue: 10 (Oct 2003)

Audre Vysniauskas

Even though the setting for the feature film Seabiscuit is the 1930s, the movie's premise is timeless. Based on a novel by Laura Hillenbrand, Seabiscuit is a story about a down-and-out racehorse that transforms itself from an underdog to a champion, and in the process, captures the hearts of the American people during the Great Depression. 
 Since deciding to pursue a career as a professional illustrator, the former systems integrator/computer consultant has become a featured artist on the Renderosity Web site, one of the largest online communities for computer artists. Vysniauskas also is a founder of Renderosity magazine, a publication for hobbyists and professional artists alike, and is currently co-editing the book Digital Art for the 21st Century: Renderosity, which will feature cutting-edge imagery and techniques used in the creation of digital art. Recently, her work was featured on the book cover of Deliria—Faerie Tales for a new Millennium.

A selection of Vysniauskas's artwork appears on these two pages. Additional images can be found at or at —Karen Moltenbrey

Hairy Hook This multi-layered image, created solely with Ultra Fractal software, illustrates the chaotic style inherent in much of the artist's work. "A particular shape, texture, or theme may strike me at a certain time, where I '

Stormchaser This piece is indicative of the artist's unique application and integration of fractal imagery in her artwork. The main image is a Poser rendering that is textured with photographs of lightning. Additional postproduction w

Sophisticati Composited in Photoshop, this selection is almost entirely composed of fractals created in Ultra Fractal.

Minister Hill This unique landscape contains numerous human and animal Poser figures that are integrated into the Bryce scene.

Dreamcatcher This image serves as another example of the artist's unique application of fractals as image textures.

Grempy's Wings While this image doesn't contain fractals, it is illustrative of a photo-manipulation technique the artist accomplished using Photoshop and a Wacom graphics tablet.

Bad Hair Day The artist explores her fascination for the macabre in this non-fractal-based image, illustrating her range of styles.