Volume: 26 Issue: 1 (Jan 2003)


Peeling Out
"There's going to be this sleek new black Maxima tearing down a desert road. It's going to be moving so fast that the paint is going to start peeling off, beginning at the front and continuing to the ...
A Knight to Remember
Game graphics have never looked so good, thanks to the new generation of graphics cards and processors, including those in the latest consoles. While most developers are using these advancements to ...
Collision Course
It's hard to believe that it has been nearly four decades since the television show Star Trek, now a science-fiction phenomenon, was first beamed into our living rooms. Over the years, Star Trek fans ...
Bond is back. From Asia to London to Cuba, the debonair spy James Bond, aka Agent 007, returns to the big screen in an action-packed adventure as he hunts down another megalomaniac while attempting to ...


Spotlight - 1/03
SpeedTreeRT, the latest addition to Interactive Data Visualization's (IDV's) line of tree creation software products, is optimized for game and simulation development. The program comes with a library ...
The Projection Connection
When shopping for a projector, users traditionally have spent the majority of their time comparing the available models on the basis of four key characteristics: brightness, resolution, weight, and ...
Modeling and Painting
Pixologic's 2.5D sculpting and painting tool and Muscles for 3ds max from cgCharacter
When Best Isn't Enough
In Hollywood, Happy New Year brings happy anticipation as a slew of awards competitions and ceremonies begin leading to the big one, the Oscars in March. This year, a new awards ceremony will be ...
Art Studio - 1/03
From digital illustration and motion graphics to animation and visual effects, professional artist Frank Vitale of Phoenix has done it all while working in the film, broadcast, gaming, and publishing ...
The 'Buttering' Edge
Last month in this column, I urged developers of interactive 3D computer graphics to look to innovation as the means to expanding the Web 3D market. But are there really any applications of the Web ...
Back Drop
The effects in Star Trek: Nemesis dazzle, but their first job is to seamlessly support the story


Products - 1/03

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