Issue: Volume: 25 Issue: 9 (September 2002)

Immersion's Portable Digitizer

Users create digital versions of physical objects by using the tip of the articulated arm of the Micro Scribe device to trace the contours of an object such as a race car model, sculpture, or toy. The resulting data set can be transformed (using most 3D software applications) to an accurate digital rendering of the object.

The MicroScribe has a new USB port (in addition to RS-232 serial capability) that will allow users to plug the device into a laptop or desktop computer without the need for a separate power module. In addition, the USB connection increases the data transfer rate from the MicroScribe.

MicroScribe G2 devices are available in a range of sizes and capabilities. The basic model provides a level of detail up to 0.015 inches in a 50-inch work sphere and costs $3495. The G2X captures a level of detail up to 0.009 inches in a 50-inch work sphere and costs $3995. The G2L captures up to 0.017 inches in a 66-inch work sphere for $4995, and the G2LX captures up to 0.012 inches in a 66-inch work sphere at a cost of $5495.

For optimal compatibility with Alias|Wavefront's Maya, Im mersion offers MicroScribe Connections for Maya, a plug-in that gives users access to MicroScribe commands and settings within Maya. (Immersion Corp.; -JD
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