Issue: Volume: 25 Issue: 9 (September 2002)

Alias|Wavefront Unveils Maya 4.5

Maya Unlimited's Fluid Effects technology enables users to more realistically simulate and render atmospheric effects (billowing clouds and smoke), viscous liquids (mud and lava), pyrotechnics (fire, explosions, and nuclear blasts), and space effects (comets, nebulae, and meteors). The fluid simulation tools can also be used to deform logos or images and to create a range of animated textures. The fluid motion is simulated through computational fluid dynamics technology developed by Alias|Wavefront's research department. Fluid Effects also includes an Ocean Shader for achieving a variety of open water effects such as waves and foam. Because the shader technology is integrated into Maya, users can float objects on the ocean surface and have those objects react to the motion of the water.

Enhancements to Maya Complete include new NURBS modeling tools and hierarchical subdivision surfaces with improved texturing options, as well as the ability to convert between all geometry types, including conversion from subdivision surfaces to NURBS.

According to the company, Maya 4.5 also marks the first time that version synchronicity has been achieved across all supported hardware platforms, including Mac OS X.

All versions of Maya 4.5 are expected to ship on or before September 30. Maya Complete is priced at $1999; a version upgrade costs $699. Maya Unlimited is priced at $6999; and a version upgrade costs $999. -Karen Moltenbrey
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