Issue: Volume: 25 Issue: 8 (August 2002)

Integrated Imagery

Among the featured works were a number that use multiple images to form a single composition. These pieces include Cynthia Beth Rubin's Wilder Building, created from layered photographic elements; Chiara Boeri's The Goodnight, composed of various models generated on different media; Masa Inakage's Conscious, which contains several deformed 3D models; and Kurt Bakken's Flight, which incorporates layers of computer-generated 2D imagery. Others pieces, such as Yoichiro Kawaguchi's Cytolon, use animation to relay their messages.

A selection of these digital and electronic works, as well as others from the Siggraph Art Gallery, are featured on the following two pages. -Karen Moltenbrey

The Goodnight by Chiara Boeri comprises 63 panels, which were digitally created and then printed on different kinds of fabric, such as silk, canvas, and cotton. Each piece was later repainted with oil, then sewn together to form a patchwork representing memorable moments in the artist's life.

Cytolon by Yoichiro Kawaguchi of the University of Tokyo is an animation that was shown in the Art Gallery Screening Room. Rendered with proprietary software, the imagery, from which this still image was captured, is a visual representation of ecological space inside artificial creatures.

Wilder Building by Cynthia Beth Rubin originated with a few layered photographs. The process then turned from additive to subtractive, as the artist used a pressure-sensitive eraser to reveal "hidden" relationships among the images. Additional elements were also integrated into the evolving piece.

NEWYORKEXITNEWYORK by designer Priam Givord and multimedia designer/photographer Martin Lenclos is a virtual interactive 3D environment built from more than 6000 photographs and videos taken during a three-week period in New York City. Construction of the universe occurs mostly in real time with Virtools DEV 2.0. More information about the project can be obtained at

Flight by Kurt Bakken originated with scanned pencil sketches, which served as the foundation for the work. The final piece was then constructed layer by layer in Photoshop and Painter.

Ascension, by Marte Newcombe, Greg Shirah, Antje Kharchi, and Nancy Palmer, is a collaborative piece that incorporates NASA satellite imagery and associated scientific diagrams, as well as other artwork. The files were created with Photoshop running on a Macintosh G4.

Conscious by Masa Inakage contains 3D models that were deformed through recursive twisting and bending, then placed in 3D space using Discreet's 3ds max and proprietary software. The textures were generated through a complex rendering and image-processing procedure.