Issue: Volume: 25 Issue: 8 (August 2002)

Caligari Ships TrueSpace6

New modeling and editing functions include color-coded layers that make creating complex models easier. Users can hide, lock, merge, name, color, and copy layers, or manage them by painting layers in the product's new Scene Editor. This last feature represents a combination of six TrueSpace editors from the previous version-objects, hierarchies, keyframes, function curves, layers, and audio-that is meant to provide users with faster and more flexible ways of viewing and organizing scenes and objects. Version 6 also comes with an upgraded Unwrapper and UV Editor, NURBS modeling enhancements, and improvements to chamfers and fillets, array tools, and deformation tools. Other new features include an updated facial animation tool with a library of heads, a new physics module for more accurate simulation, and the LightWorks 6.6 rendering engine.

TrueSpace requires an AMD- or Pentium-based system with 64mb of RAM running Windows 95/ 98/ME/NT/2000/XP. In addition to the main modeling and animation package, TrueSpace also sells companion packages with third-party plug-ins, libraries, and standalone applications for animation, special effects, design, and presentation. (Caligari Corp.; -JD
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