Issue: Volume: 25 Issue: 7 (July 2002)

Kaydara's Filmbox Becomes Motionbuilder

In developing the upgrade, "We looked at what makes 3D hard to use," says Kaydara president Michel Besner, "concepts like math, IK, and constraints." He says the company then borrowed a clip art concept used by relatively user-friendly 2D graphics packages such as Adobe Systems' Photoshop. Under the new workflow, a user can search the Motionbuilder browser for a jump clip, for example, then drag and drop the clip to the character to make it jump. Pre-built constraints maintain a realistic range of motion without the user having to make manual tweaks and changes. Motionbuilder will ship with a clip-animation library, but Kaydara has also been working with third-party providers such as Turbo Squid to ensure that additional content supporting Motionbuilder's FBX format will be available.

Motionbuilder also has new features such as real-time display, which offers instant feedback with no need for rendering, and a lip-synchronization tool that uses Kaydara's Voice Reality phoneme-extraction technology to create lip-synching in real time.

Motionbuilder 4.0 runs on Windows NT/2000, Mac OS X, and Red Hat Linux. The cost is $3495. (Kaydara; -JD

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