Issue: Volume: 25 Issue: 4 (April 2002)

Object Capture with ShapeCam

The ShapeCam pictures are then brought into a workstation, where the software calculates parameters, generates 3D models from the 3D images, and stitches the models together into one complete model.

For digital content creation applications, the Shape Snatcher Suite|XT software comes with additional tools for exporting alternative texture maps, and for reducing polygon counts for quicker processing of imagery. For design and reverse engineering applications, the ShapeSnatcher Suite| CAD software offers surface thickening as well as the polygon reduction tools.

The ShapeCam system is available as part of a bundled product called Eyetronics ShapeWare. The bundles consist of the camera, flash device, and a choice of either the ShapeSnatcher Suite|XT or ShapeSnatcher Suite| CAD software. Both bundles cost $18,250. The software runs on most PCs running Windows or Linux, as well as on SGI Irix systems. ShapeSnatcher supports most 3D graphics import and export formats. (Eyetronics; -JD