Issue: Volume: 25 Issue: 4 (April 2002)

Looking Ahead to Retrospectives

While there's no glossy coffee-table book in our foreseeable future, we are in fact running a series of retrospectives this year. The February issue featured CAD/ CAM/CAE highlights, whereas March covered gaming. In this issue, we look at digital milestones achieved in the making of television programs and commercials. Upcoming issues will feature science, architecture, and of course, movies.

The visualization article "Meeting of the Minds" on pg. 28 of the January 2002 issue refers to the WireGL distributed graphics API. Where can I get more information on this topic?
Howard Watkins
Abingdon, UK

WireGL is a Stanford University Computer Graphics Lab project designed for cluster rendering systems research.You can find out more from a Siggraph 2001 paper titled "WireGL: A Scalable Graphics System for Clusters" by Greg Humphreys, Matthew El dridge, Ian Buck, Gordon Stoll, Matthew Everett, and Pat Hanrahan. The paper is available for viewing at

Further WireGL research has also been rolled into the Chromium Project, about which you can find information at the Open Source development Web site Source The URL for the Chromium Pro ject is http:// source projects/ chromium/.

You may also want to visit the As sociation for Computing Machinery's Web site at, where you can search for related technologies.

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In a news brief on pg. 10 of the January 2002 issue, Cambridge Animation Systems was incorrectly referred to as Cambridge Animation Studios.