Issue: Volume: 25 Issue: 2 (Feb 2002)

Trademark Spelunking

In the article "Immersed in Art" on pg. 24 of the November 2001 issue, you discuss caves as a generic technology when in fact they are not. As you correctly state early in the article, the CAVE Registered was developed by Dan Sandin and Tom DeFanti at the University of Illinois Electronic Visualization Laboratory in Chicago. Consequently, the University of Illinois Board of Trustees registered the trademark, and subsequently licensed it to Fakespace Systems exclusively and worldwide. The name CAVE, whether capitalized or not, should only be used to describe the systems that Fakespace sells and installs or the technology that the University of Illinois developed.

Jim Angelillo
V.P., Strategic Relations
Fakespace Systems
Novi, Michigan

I noticed an oversight in the Poser 4 review that appeared on pg. 47 of the December 2001 issue. The writer refers to a "minor interface problem" in which the mesh of a character disappears when the user is navigating or moving a body part, "leaving only a box-shaped skeleton as a reference."

In fact, Poser 4 allows a user to change the tracking on a model by clicking the third dot down on the right side of the interface to turn on "Full Tracking." This information appears in the manual.
Brian Davis
Nashua, New Hampshire

On pg. 28 of the December 2001 issue, the listing for Ascension Technology Corp. in the "Computer Graphics World's 2001 Innovation Awards" feature contained an incorrect Web address. The correct URL is

The caption appearing under the image of a CG cave troll on pg. 20 of the December 2001 issue in "The Fellowship of the Ring" should have referred to animatics rather than animatronics.

The cosmological "Insight" image on pg. 56 of the January 2002 issue should have included the following additional reference: The visualization was produced by Marcelo Alvarez using scalable visualization software created by Chandrajit Bajaj's group at the university's Center for Computational Visualization.

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