Issue: Volume: 25 Issue: 2 (Feb 2002)

New Graphics for SGI Octane2

The Dual Head option enables an Octane2 to support two graphics cards (SGI's V10 or V12 accelerators) that can drive independent images over two displays. One display might, for example, show seismic data while the other displays analysis and updates of the data. When the higher end V12 cards are used, up to 104mb of texture memory is available for each display. The Dual Head configuration also supports dual-screen stereo display.

Another new option is the combination of the Dual Head capability with SGI's Dual Channel Display, which allows a single graphics pipeline to deliver imagery to two monitors simultaneously. The Dual Head's double pipe lines can each deliver images to one or two displays, making it possible for Octane2 users with Dual Head/Dual Channel capability to view two kinds of imagery on three or four monitors.

The last new graphics option is SGI's PowerDuo configuration, which allows two simultaneous users on a dual-processor workstation with separate displays.

A Dual Head upgrade for the Octane2 starts at $14,500. An Octane2 system with Dual Head and V12 graphics costs $43,295. Prices for the other options vary according to configuration. (Silicon Graphics; -JD