Volume: 25 Issue: 11 (November 2002)


Speaking for Scotland
In 1999, the year Scotland's Parliament met for the first time in three centuries, the Scottish Executive was created to run the country's day-to-day operations. The new government body—technically ...
An Enchanted Village
Ride films, given their reliance on unrestricted camera motion, freedom of character movement, spectacular imagery, and stereoscopic creativity, have benefited greatly from recent advances in computer ...
Using digital technology, Playground, a production and effects studio in Santa Monica, California, recently created a television commercial for the Saudi-Arabian National Agricultural Development ...
Spy Game
And, the shagadelic spy Austin Powers isn't the only groovy British agent to re-emerge for a cloak-and-dagger sequel. The beautiful, hip UNITY operative Cate Archer has returned to the spy scene, ...


Products - 11/02

Letters - 11/02
Perhaps I have just been in this game a long time, but I worry about the message that might result from your using research examples such as our own work, but mainly the Oxygen project at MIT, to ...
What Are 'Veople' for?
In his novel God Bless you, Mr. Rosewater, Kurt Vonnegut Jr. describes a scene in which a man about to dies says he is looking forward to asking God, “What are people for?” Like this character, who ...
Photoshop 7.0
Photoshop 7 and the 3dBoxx S3
A Little Goes a Long Way
This year, the first year after deciding to award an Oscar for Best Animated Feature, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will be asked to determine whether a hybrid film with digital ...
Spotlight - 11/02
Messiah:animate 3.0 from pmG Worldwide has been redesigned as a standalone animation tool to replace its former self, messiah:animate the LightWave plug-in. It also now runs in conjunction with ...
Back Drop - 11/02
A renowned ride-film maker describes how immersion enhances entertainment
Shooting Like a Pro
It wasn't that many years ago that you needed a video camera costing upwards of $25,000 to shoot professional-quality footage. In fact, cameras costing $40,000 or even $100,000 were standard pieces of ...
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