Issue: Volume: 25 Issue: 1 (January 2002)

New Color, Texture Support for Paraform 3.0

"Version 3.0 has more workflow enhancements," says Paraform CTO Venkat Krishnamurthy. Among these are the ability to input color point-cloud data from 3D scanners. The color information is retained throughout Paraform's points-to-polygons conversion process. The new version also includes painting and texturing tools. Neither of these is meant to replace dedicated painting or texturing packages, says Krishnamurthy, "but you can repair scans, etc." Other improvements include mesh-based templates, which allow users to map the templates onto other meshes, automatic spring generation from a defined curve network, mesh boundary editing, and a free viewer.

Paraform 3.0 runs on Windows systems. Pricing for the software starts at $18,995 for the base package. -JD