Issue: Volume: 25 Issue: 1 (January 2002)

CEI Updates EnSight, EnSight Gold

Other new features include mathematical functions that can be defined by the user and saved as predefined functions; documentation for the EnSight Command Language, which includes more than 1000 commands; the ability to visualize N-faced polyhedrons; and mass particle computation that will add drag, gravitational, and other force options to particles whose diameter, density, and initial velocity can be defined.

With Version 7.4 EnSight also adds support for stereoscopic viewing over operating systems including Windows. EnSight Gold adds new VR features such as support for displaying animations on devices with multiple screens or walls; support for 3D input devices; and a new heads-up monitor interface.

EnSight and EnSight Gold run on a wide range of computing platforms. Prices are not available. (CEI; -JD