Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 9 (September 2001)

VX Pursues CAD/CAM Interoperability

VX's mold-making suite has also been upgraded, with automatic creation of complex parting lines as well as cooling channels, face vents, and checks for interference with the part, mold cavity, or cooling elements. Access to the CADenas parts library of hardware, assemblies, and mold frames has also been added so that parts can now be pulled directly into VX assemblies.

Last, the VX interface has been re designed to more closely follow Windows standards, and the command structure has been streamlined.

As a mid-range CAD/CAM system, the product occupies a unique niche. VX Corp. contends that it competes against high-end programs such as PTC's Pro/Engineer, Dassault Systemes' Catia, and Unigraphics with respect to having a complete design-through-manufacturing system (excepting CPC/PDM capabilities). The company's goal is to continually in crease VX's functionality so that it can hold its own in the mid-range berth it has made for itself.

VX Version 5 runs on Windows NT/2000 platforms. The cost of the software is $3995 for the CAD package, including the Mold mak ing Edition and IGES and STEP translators. Translators for Pro/ Engineer, Unigraphics, and SolidWorks are sold separately. The entire CAD/CAM product suite, including manufacturing planning, sheet-metal capability, and machining, is $9995.(VX Corp.; - JD