Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 8 (August 2001)

Siggraph 2001

The 28th International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques will be held Aug. 12-17 in Los Angeles.
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Design Engineering

Industrial design
Win | UNIX Studio Tools 9.7 is the latest release of Alias|Wavefront's computer-aided industrial design tool that generates underlying geometry to help ensure the manufacturability of the designs. The price is unavailable.
Alias|Wavefront;; Booth # 1601

Model testing
Win VirtualHand is a tool for verifying, testing, and evaluating 3D digital models in real time. It allows direct import of 3D data from multiple sources to construct functional digital prototypes. Users can interact with the prototypes with a standard mouse or more sophisticated 3D input devices. The price is $7995.
Immersion Corp.;; Booth # 1755


Film clips
Win | MAC New collections of royalty-free digital stock footage film clips can be downloaded and used for any purpose, including broadcasting. Each category has 20 to 25 clips of feature-quality film sourced from motion pictures and available for unlimited use. Clips can be viewed as sample frames, thumbnail clips, or storyboards. Prices range from $399 to $599.
Artbeats Digital Film Library;; Booth # 937


Scanner software
Win DeltaSphere-3000 Version 2 software for the company's 3D scanner, which works with room-size spaces and objects, includes a new user interface and a simplified display for positioning and measurement information. New tools-Rview, Tview, and Match-work interactively for mapping color images to point clouds. A 3D point-cloud viewer is included, and data export is possible to VRML and several third-party modeling, fitting, and reverse-engineering packages. The price is unavailable.
3rdTech;; Booth # 1752

Object-oriented tools
Win | UNIX | LINUX Open Inventor version 3.0 is an object-oriented toolkit with more than 450 base classes and a programming interface that allows for rapid prototyping and development of 3D graphics applications in C++ and Java. It employs multiple threads to allow use of multiple processors or better use of a single processor. Open Inventor allows an application to execute and render on a remote server, and can also render to an off-screen buffer and manage memory to handle very large data sets. The price is unavailable.
TGS;; Booth # 425

Win | MAC Sonicfire Pro allows editors to match video to audio in creating soundtracks. It allows video importing, so multiple scenes can be scored in one session. SonicfirePro also includes the importing and editing of audio files such as MP3s and WAVs. Audio clips are automatically configured and re-scored to fit the video timeline. The software includes an NLE-based interface and comes with CDs of royalty-free music. The price is $349.
Sonic Desktop Software;; Booth # 1006

Win | MAC Curious World Maps allows users to produce maps and graphics for broadcast, Web, and print. Both stills and animations can be created. Licensed vector databases of the whole world and genuine relief data can be combined with imported local data or satellite images. The software can be customized to fit in-house styles, and shape layers, integrated bathymetry data, and real-world coloring can be added. Map models in 3D can also be exported to provide the base for animated flythroughs. The price is $7500.
Curious Software Co.;; Booth # 1926

Modeling and animation

Versatile rendering
Win | LINUX | IRiX Jig version 1.5 allows rendering of traditional geometry, as well as photorealistic hair, volumes, and particles. This update adds a raytracing function. New shaders, maps, surfaces, displacements, volume objects, and image processes may be added with the open C++ plug-in system, and the software can be integrated into a production pipeline with Perl. The price is $1050.
Steamboat Software;; Booth # 1967

Analysis and Animation
Win | UNIX Using a Java based program that performs facial motion capture and audio analysis in real time, Eyematic's new animation software, (as yet unnamed) enables 3D avatars and animated characters to "come to life." Eyematic also produces FaceStation, a hardware and software system that allows users to quickly create facial and full-body animation. Prices for both products are unavailable.
Eyematic;; Booth 1447

Rendering System
Win The new release of the NuGraf rendering system includes integrated polygon reduction, NURBS and spline curve support, real-time scene previewing, and integrated Web features. New converters include openNURBS, XGL, DirectX import, Softimage XSI, Shockwave-3D, and Viewpoint VET. The price is $495. A new version of PolyTrans includes the same additions. The price is $395.
Okino Computer Graphics;; Booth # 1904

Photoreal modeling and animation
Win Merlin 3D provides a photorealistic environment for rendering, animation, and modeling. It allows a user to interactively deform an object using animated modifiers such as stretch, scale, uniform scale, bend, taper, twist, pull, and bulge. Boolean functions allow the creation of a new object out of two objects. It can create 3D text from TrueType fonts. It allows the user to edit or animate light color and strength and spotlight angles, and can turn any object into an area light source. The price is $595.
Digital Immersion Software Corp.;; Booth #2001

3D photography
Win Geomagic Studio 4.0 software for 3D photography automatically turns physical parts and objects into digital models for use in design, engineering, customized manufacturing, and marketing. It includes the company's new Capture software, which automatically converts scanner input into CAD-ready output. The price is $19,995. The company's Qualify software allows automatic graphical comparisons between a master model and the built part or object. The price is $6995.
Raindrop Geomagic;; Booth # 883

Real-time character animation
Win Quadro DCC graphics software for real-time character animation, game development, and visual effects production has support for programmable vertex shader and pixel shader technology. Graphics tools that support such shaders include 3ds max 4 and Maya 4. Users can specify combinations of graphics operations to create custom effects and receive real-time feedback on changes. The software supports OpenGL overlay, has back-buffered memory management, and is optimized for AMD- and Intel-based workstations. The price is unavailable.
Nvidia Corp.;; Booth # 1670

Procedural Rendering
Win | UniX | IRiX Exluna's new procedural rendering system, Entropy, brings both raytracing and scanline rendering, multithreading, and RIB compatibility to professional graphics users. Translators for the most popular modeling, animation, and design packages will be announced shortly. The price is $1500 per workstation.
Exluna;; Booth # 1247

2D animation
Win PEGS 3.2 2D animation production software is both vector- and pixel-based. It supports output to Web, video, 35mm, HDTV, QuickTime, and image files, and includes scan and line test, compositing and special effects, real-time color preview, and recording and data management. The price is $16,400. I-Pegs software for Web animation can transform files into Flash format. It includes sound processing, special effects camera movements, auto-paint features, automatic line-closing, and a vector module to compute digital coding from scanned lines. The price is unavailable.
MediaPEGS;; Booth # 853

Model generation
Win | UNIX VZX 100 is an integrated platform that automates capture, modeling, and 3D model generation. It displays 3D photorealistic images combined with coordinate data of the object. It can export raw point data, textured image models, and output files in common polygonal data formats such as DXF and OBJ. VZX can use NURBS to represent 3D geometry, and is scalable for imaging of small, medium, and large objects. The price is unavailable.
XYZ Vizion;; Booth # 1667

Scanner tool
Win | IRIX CySlice Version 3 improves the speed and interactivity of NURBS fitting and includes the new Subdivision Surfaces (SUBD) tool. It allows users to fit SUBD surfaces to dense polymeshes, allowing calculation of color and displacement maps. It outputs the same Catmull-Clark variety of SUBD surfaces used by Maya and RenderMan. The price is $4000.
Cyberware;; Booth # 1933

Multimedia authoring
Win | MAC | LINUX | IRiX Filmbox Version 3.0 content authoring system integrates 3D, video, and audio in real time. A new menu bar streamlines workflow, and a new Control Sets feature allows simple keyframing of 3D characters. Filmbox can integrate with all major 3D packages, include 3ds max, Maya, LightWave, and Softimage 3D. The price is $5000.
Kaydara;; Booth # 1159

Flash rendering
Win ToonShader allows users of Toon Boom's 2D USAnimation system to render Maya 3D models into the Macromedia Flash format. Users can also create 2D animations, and 3D animations can be output to the Web. The price is unavailable.
Toon Boom Technologies;; Booth # 839

Facial rendering
Win/Linux/Irix Liquid Faces is a plug-in for the ShapeSnatcher 3D scanning system that allows developers to use a face template for character scans rather than having to recreate the facial structure for each individual character. It can also be used to automatically morph a scanned face onto different skeletons. The price is unavailable. ShapeSnatcher Suite 3.0 reduces processing time in creating high-resolution 3D models from 2D photographs, and works with popular 3D packages. The price is $6000.
Eyetronic;; Booth # 331

Fluid simulator
Win The RealFlow 1.3 fluid simulator works with popular 3D platforms. It has a realistic, physically based continuous-particle system. Particles can be considered part of a global fluid that acts according to the viscosity, pressure, and surface tension of neighboring particles. The software is OpenGL compliant. RealWave 2 is a realistic simulator for calculating the global behavior of objects floating on a liquid, as well as effects such as wakes and waves. The price is unavailable.
Next Limit;; Booth # 2441

Maya for Macs
Win | MAC | LINUX | IRiX Maya 4 adds a version for Mac OS X. It includes modeling, rendering, animation, dynamics, Artisan, Paint Effects, and MEL, an open interface for programming and scripting. It also includes Shockwave 3D Exporter version 1.1. The price is $7500. Maya Unlimited 4 also includes Fur, Cloth, and Advanced Modeling, at a price of $16,000. Maya Builder 4 includes polygon modeling, texturing, and animation for game development and Web applications. The price is $2995.
Alias|Wavefront;; Booth # 1601

Virtual environments
Win | IRIX DNT/Game allows users to add real-time natural effects to game environments. The price is unavailable. Digital Nature Tools version 4.5 for Maya includes dynamic ripples and point lights. It has file caching for faster render times and blurring effects in P_Liquid. The price is $1768. Also available are Digital Nature Tools for Softimage 3D-the price is $999-and Digital PyroTools for Softimage 3D, at a price of $299.
Arete Entertainment;; Booth # 546

Parametric modeler
Win | MAC FormZ Version 3.8 3D form synthesizer makes many types of objects available as smoothly parametric objects, including primitives, resolved objects, helixes, and sweeps, all of which can be parametrically exported for prototyping and manufacturing. Boolean and trim/split operations and advanced rounding and blending can be applied to the objects. Files can be transferred between the program and LightWave. The price is unavailable.
autodessys;; Booth # 2037

2D/3D Cartoons
Win | MAC | IRiX Animo 4.1 is a 2D/3D animation system that can render material with a cartoon look, integrate it into 2D scenes, and then output to Flash. Its Scene III plug-in reads model and scene files from 3ds max and Maya. The price is $5530. Inkworks 2 is a plug-in that allows users to assign cartoon materials to 3D scenes and models to create the effect of hand-drawn animation. The price is $575. Swiffworks is a plug-in that allows Maya users to employ Flash output. It gives users independent paint and line parameters. The price is $575.
Cambridge Animation System;; Booth # 847

Image-based rendering
Win RPC 2.0 is a plug-in for various 3D platforms that allows users to place and edit complex image-based objects into their scenes. It uses 2D image data instead of complex polygonal models to represent objects in space. TreeFX game creation software from 3D Pipeline integrates RPC technology into a real-time engine. Active X support allows RPCs to go into PowerPoint presentations or onto Web sites. A line tool based on voxel and polygon reduction technologies creates content from polygonal and image-based sources. The price is unavailable.
ArchVision;; Booth # 2235


Win AniMaster supports both raster and vector files for animation in video, TV, film, and Flash. It has an integrated tool for editing 2D and 3D objects in the same environment. The price is $5000.
Junior Land Co.;; Booth # 2136

Visual effects compositing
Win | MAC FX 6.0 creates integrated visual effects, particles, and image processing for non-linear editing. Graffiti 2.0 is a vector-based system for integrated 2D and 3D title animation. Both support third-party plug-ins compatible with After Effects. The price is unavailable.
Boris FX;; Booth # 2438

Composite photos
Win | MAC Stitcher software automatically combines horizontally and vertically overlapping photos from one location into a single high-resolution panoramic image to provide professional-quality mosaic composites. The price is $800. ImageModeler produces realistic 3D models from photo, video, or cinematic images. It maps textures from original images onto the 3D model. The price is $4500.
Realviz;; Booth # 1467

3D Compositing
Win | MAC After Effects 5.0 motion graphics and visual effects software includes a true 3D compositing environment. Users can animate layers hierarchically; create live relationships between layer properties; draw, expand, and add motion blur to masks; and output in Flash. The price is $649. The Production Bundle version, for visual effects artists and motion graphics designers, has additional keying, motion control, and distortion tools; audio and 3D channel effects; 16-bit per channel color; vector paint tools, and support for network rendering. The price is $1499.
Adobe Systems;; Booth # 1637

Video animation
Win | MAC 3ds max 4 is the latest version of Discreet's flagship modeling and animation software. Combustion is a paint, animation, and 3D compositing package. Gmax uses 3D tools to create characters, textures, objects, and levels of interactivity in games. Frost allows the creation and delivery of 3D broadcast graphics. Revival allows automated, interactive film cleaning and image fixing. Flint, Flame, and Smoke create and finish visual effects and support SD and HD in real time.
Discreet;; Booth # 1247

Automatic match moving
Win | UNIX Boujou 1.0 creates camera calibrations and automates the matching of 2D and 3D. It tracks hundreds of features in each frame and uses statistical analysis to retain only the most accurate tracks. It can track scenes with little or no trackable detail and features that are only visible for part of the scene. Users can select and edit individual tracks, input camera aspect ratio, and add 3D test objects. The data can be exported in all major 3D formats. The price is $10,000.
2d3;; Booth # 1437


"Deep" textures
Win Deep UV for Deep Paint 3D creates nearly distortion-free surface texturing for polygonal, NURBS, and SUBD surface models. UV mapping technology allows placement and control of 3D textures. The software is designed for game development, film, broadcast, and the Web. The price is unavailable.
Right Hemisphere;; Booth # 2116

Web Development

Web content
Win Developers Kit allows users to deliver 3D content over the Web. Optimizer converts large models into VTU file format, compresses files, allows editing and customization of models, and supports input from a number of formats. Player is a browser plug-in for rendering and interactive viewing of content, using Internet Explorer, Netscape, or AOL.
Virtue3D;; Booth # 311

Virtual worlds
Win | MAC Atmosphere allows designers to create 3D worlds that let the user virtually walk the Web and communicate in real time. The created worlds can be hosted anywhere and linked to one another through URLs. JavaScript is used to animate objects, add sound, and program special effects. Objects can be imported from the usual 3D design tools. The price is unavailable.
Adobe Systems;; Booth # 1637

Interactive toolset
Win Axel is an interactive 3D Web authoring toolset that enables designers to model, animate, preview, and publish to the Web, with no publishing fees. Features include performance tuning and the ability to import content from other programs. The price is $950.
MindAvenue;; Booth #1231

Object orientation
Win | MAC Authoring Studio 2.0 is an object-oriented design tool for multimedia presentations. It has image painting, vector drawing, and 3D composition, as well as interface design and animation tools, in a uniform point-and-click interface. The price is $799.
Visviva Software;; Booth #518

Java tool
Win | UNIX Dynamic 3D is a Java applet that adds interactivity to 3D models and scenes. Users employ tools such as 3ds max to name objects in a scene to control the lights, viewpoints, and animation; for instance, animating the opening and closing of panels, doors, and windows. Users can add multiple cameras to a scene and label matching cameras with visible objects. The software includes a wizard that creates a starter Web page. The price is unavailable.
3D-Online;; Booth # 2439


Volumetric display
Win | IRIX The High-resolution Volumetric 3D display has a 10-inch-diameter image visible from 360 degrees around. It is compatible with a range of standard mechanical CAD and molecular visualization software packages, and has 117 million voxels (100 percent usable), 768 by 768 by 198 resolution, 8 colors, and a graphical API. It allows real-time interactivity. The price is unavailable.
Actuality Systems;; Booth #536

Tougher prototypes
Win FDM Titan is a rapid prototyping system that creates prototypes from polycarbonate material, polyphenylsulfone, and ABS plastic, which offer high-impact strength, strength at high temperatures, flame retardation, sterilization capability, and resistance to oils, gasoline, chemicals, and acids. The price is unavailable. The Maxum system has a build envelope of 600 by 500 by 600 mm. It dissolves model supports to cut post-processing time. The price is $300,000.
Stratasys;; Booth # 2305

Hand, face, and body
Win The Gypsy 3W motion-capture system for full-body, hand, and facial motion includes telescoping shafts that allow expanded range of actor movement and sizes. The system can output live performance animation for integration with virtual sets for TV broadcasts. It has a capture rate of 120 frames per second, a wireless option for outdoor capture up to 0.5 mi., a serial port for plug-in to a laptop or desktop, and support for multiple actors. The price is $39,995.
Meta Motion;; Booth # 967

Digital holography
Win | MAC | LINUX | uniX HoloDeck Theatres display real-time digital holography in 3D without glasses or sensors. TruRetinal Displays provide head-mounted displays with no moving parts. The price is unavailable.
Holoverse;; Booth # 2231

Mocap library and services
Motek's motion-capture service integrates optical and magnetic capture, a motion platform, and visual cues to provide motion data. Production studios in Manchester, New Hampshire, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, can capture performers reacting to a virtual environment, including earthquakes, skiing, surfing, or motion on slopes. Work can also be performed at remote locations and sent to the studio over secure lines. The company also publishes StockMoves, a Web-based library of stock motion, and Unica, a system that allows users to download and customize samples from the library. The price is unavailable.
Motek;; Booth # 659

Virtual reality workbench
V-Desk 6 is an interactive, integrated L-shaped virtual reality workbench that includes stereo viewing, full tracking, and an audio system. The screen displays high-resolution stereoscopic imaging for manipulating 3D objects and volumetric data. The solid screens provide bright images with no cross-screen illumination. The price is unavailable.
Trimension;; Booth # 1653

Hand-held control
CubicMouse is a hand-held input device for interaction with volumetric visualization and control of coordinates in 3D data sets, for work with geological seismic data, medical scans, automotive and manufacturing design, and CAD/CAE models. The price is $4500. The Portico WorkWall is a 6 by 7.5 ft high-brightness display with active digital stereo, based on DLP projection technology. The price is $120,000. Interaction Engine allows users to employ various input devices with most visualization software. The price is unavailable.
Fakespace Systems;; Booth # 2026

Win | MAC Content tools allow conversion of 2D content to 3D. DepthMapper automates the process of outlining. DepthTweener automatically interpolates between keyframes. OpticBOOM compression and transmission protocols deliver a 2D image with depth map, allowing the image to be viewed in 2D or 3D over any digital medium. 2D to 3D content conversion is $5000 per minute. Glasses-free 3D TV allows stereo visualization of CGI and live footage without any headgear. Sizes range from a 15-inch LCD to a 50-inch plasma display. Price is from $4995 to $21,995.
Dynamic Digital Depth;; Booth # 523

Color scanning
The Foundation data capture system creates color and geometry simultaneously in perfect registration and independent of ambient light. It produces photorealistic 3D content at near-microscopic resolution. The price is unavailable.
Arius3D;; Booth # 1167

3D rendering
Win | LINUX | IRiX The RenderDrive RD5000 is a 3D rendering appliance for industrial and architectural design, animation, and visual effects. It delivers physically based raytraced rendering and can be used with many standard applications. The price is $24,995. RenderPipe software for Maya version 1.2 provides capacity and support for Maya's shading and texture nodes. The price is unavailable. The CAD/Camera interface lets RenderDrive be integrated with software design packages-including Solid Works, Solid Edge, Unigraphics, and Pro/Engineer- and provides a visual environment. The price is $2600.
Advanced Rendering Technology;; Booth # 1017

Facial Mocap
Win The V6 facial motion-capture system is based on the company's V8i architecture and high-resolution Mcam cameras. It includes six million-pixel cameras, a data station, and a software suite that includes Famous 3D's Producer Pro and Face RT, a plug-in that allows real-time performance. It also includes Body Builder and Mobius software and plug-ins for major 3D applications. The price is unavailable.
Vicon;; Booth # 1437

Optical tracking
Win | UNIX | DOS LaserBird optical motion tracker uses a miniaturized scanner to reflect laser beams throughout a workspace to sensors attached to a tracked object and performs position and orientation tracking. The price is $16,995. ReActor captures the motions of an untethered performer in a capture area delineated by modular bars with embedded IR detectors. The performer wears an Action Suit with IR markers. The price is $79,990. The MiniBird Model 500 magnetic motion tracker with a 5mm sensor is designed for medical and simulation applications that need precise navigation and guidance inside the body. The price is $2545.
Ascension Technology Corp.;; Booth #1747

Body digitizing
The 3D Full Body digitizer can capture a full body's 3D geometry and color in less than 5 seconds. It has a 2000 by 800 field of view, an 800 depth of view, lateral resolution of 1.8, depth resolution of 1.1, and standoff distance of 1200. It uses a color 24-bit camera and a halogen light source, and includes two large field digitizers, a PCI frame grabber board, a vertical mounting structure, a calibration target, and two carrying cases. The price is unavailable.
InSpeck;; Booth # 511

Game faces
Win The Q Clone Generator allows PC game players to capture their 3D image, customize the clone, and upload it into games such as Quake III Arena and Half-Life Opposing Force. Capture time is as low as 8 ms. The face of the clone can be aged, scars can be added, and the user can choose body types. The price is unavailable.
3Q;; Booth # 748

Color 3D printer
Win The Z406 3D color printer can create physical models from digital data and print up to 160 cubic inches of finished part per hour. It also can print six different parts the size and shape of a soda can in less than two hours. It can print in six million colors (24-bit) and uses a Cabot Corp. Inkjet pigment system. The printer comes with Magics Z software that provides painting and highlighting capability. The price is $67,500. The Z400 is an entry-level version that prints at the same speed. The price is $49,000.
Z Corp.;; Booth # 2339


Video disk equipment
Win | MAC | iriX The WSD/HD digital disk recorder (DDR) can record and play SD/601 digital and HD formats including 24P on a clip-by-clip basis. It is designed for electronic film, graphics/effects, and editing applications. It can do reference quality encoding from high-definition masters to Windows Media with resolutions up to 1920 by 1080. WSD/2Xtreme Video Disk Array is a desktop DDR for integrated video I/O and uncompressed disk storage. The price is unavailable.
Accom;; Booth # 1946)


Athlon boxes
Win | LINuX 3DBoxx R1 workstations use Athlon processors and are optimized for digital 3D applications. They have up to 10 hot-swap drive bays, five expansion slots, and up to 4GB system memory. The price is $3200. HDBoxx is an uncompressed HD non-linear editing and compositing system with I/O and PCI bus architectures. The price is $51,000. CineBoxx allows uncompressed 2K digital film playback, and includes 4.1GB per second four-way interleaved memory architecture. The price is $66,000. RenderBoxx 1U performs high-speed rendering and supports all material libraries and popular 3D animation software. The price is $2700.
Boxx Technologies;; Booth # 1059)