Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 8 (August 2001)

A Digital Odyssey

Still images from those two productions and other animations from the festival appear on these two pages. -Karen Moltenbrey

Values (Best Animated Short), directed, produced, and animated by Van Phan, uses primitive shapes to explore the parent-child relationship. The film was modeled, animated, and textured procedurally in Maya.

Hessi James, directed by Johannes Weiland and produced by Martin Burkert, tells the tale of two cowboys who meet for an unusual duel. The short was created in Maya.

Say Cheese, by director Derek Flood and producer Das Werk, tells the story of a gluttonous mouse who encounters a frisky cat. The animation was created in Maya and Shake.

Rule-Based Dynamic Simulation for "Wave of Death," directed by Frederik Steiner and produced by Jens Folger, depicts a CG dam-breaching created with a rule-based dynamic system that controlled all the behaviors, interactions, and dependencies of the elements in the animation.

Nostalgia, directed and produced by Momoko Daigo and Takashi Yamaguchi, examines how childhood sites and sounds can conjure memories of the past. The female character as well as the town and buildings are digital.

Anjyu, by director/producer Yasuo Ohba, uses proprietary software to represent layers of calmness.

f 8 (Jury Honors), by director/producer Jason Wen, shows one person's daring escape from an oppressive alien power. The film was created in LightWave, project:messiah, After Effects, and Premiere.

Artistic expression knows no boundaries within N-Space, the Siggraph 2001 art gallery, where viewers are encouraged to actively explore the multidimensional aspects of the more than 90 works on display. Visitors can reach out and touch someone, or something, in the numerous interactive installations and performances. Or, they can reach deep inside themselves to interpret the digital paintings, photographs, and sculptures created with tools ranging from 3D modeling and painting software to digital photography and video. From the Web to the wall, the gallery offers a rich visual experience for everyone.

A small sampling of works from the N-Space gallery is shown on these two pages. -KM

chelovechki-01, or Little People, by Yelena Ilkanayev, is a 3D image of a surreal representation of human emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

Entering the Event Horizon, by Andrzej Zarzycki, is a 3D image that examines the imaginary worlds of exploration within a virtual environment.

Rebirth of the VooDoo Child, by Petra Evers, is a 3D image showing growing sea anemones to illustrate the beauty of randomness.

Blue Suspension, Detail 2, by Kent Oberheu, is a 3D image that shows arcs of sweeping 3D fractals traveling into the distance, revealing the subtlety of form inherent in these mathematical objects.

Heroine in Peril, by Tina Bell Vance, is a 2D/3D image inspired by the Sumerian myth of Innana, who traveled the underworld to rescue the laws of Sumerian society.

Protrude, flow, by Sachiko Kodama, is an installation that uses magnetic fluid, sound, and moving images to illustrate the changing patterns of the fluid.

KnobHead, by Steven Ramsey, is a 2D/3D image showing the artist's pursuit of balancing content with technology while creating a personal artistic vision.