Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 7 (July 2001)

News - 7/01

This month, we list the 10 workstation and graphics card combinations that recently received the highest scores in the AWadvs-04 (Alias|Wavefront Advanced Visualizer) subset of the SPECviewperf 6.1.2 OpenGL benchmark. The AWadvs-04 benchmark consists of 10 operations common to the Advanced Visualizer 3D animation program, including smooth, flat, and material shading of a polygonal animation model.

The mean scores represent the combined, weighted results of the 10 tests, measured in the number of frames per second the machines were able to execute. The larger the numbers, the better the performance.

To see how the same systems fared in other benchmark tests, or to review results from additional systems, visit

EDS, the majority shareholder of UGS (Maryland Heights, MO), has agreed to acquire SDRC (Cincinnati, OH). UGS is the manufacturer of UGS solid modeling software. SDRC is the vendor for I-deas....Arius3D (Toronto), maker of the scanning technology Foundation, which captures both the color and geometry of objects, has announced the deployment of the company's first color scanning systems in bureaus based in both Utah and Toronto....Interactive 3D Web developer Pulse Entertainment (San Francisco) has announced the acquistion of Sonicopia (San Francisco), a developer of sound applications and services for interactive media. Pulse has also announced a partnership with Anatomical Travelogue (New York City), which uses proprietary technology to process biological and medical data into 3D images of the interior of the human body. Pulse's technology will be used to stream Anatomical Travelogue data over the Web....Chip maker AMD (Sunnyvale, CA) has announced the incorporation of its HyperTransport data bus technology into the new nForce processing architecture from graphics chip and board maker Nvidia. HyperTransport technology enables computer chips inside a wide range of different types of systems to communicate with each other faster, compared to existing technologies.

News is written and compiled by Jenny Donelan.