Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 7 (July 2001)

New "P3" Designation for Catia

One of the new P3 products is Automotive Class A 3, an advanced surfacing module de signed for the auto industry that allows users to parametrically define fillets with features to be maintained during changes. The new P3 Tolerance Analysis for De formable Assembly 3 lets users evaluate the impact of the deformation of a part or assembly under operational conditions. Dynamic sectioning and detection of possible collisions due to load-induced deformations are also provided. Release 7 also updates the P2 surfacing tool Freestyle Shaper and offers a new P1 version as well, with consistent functionality throughout the three product levels.

Altogether, Release 7 adds a total of 15 new products, including four for shipbuilding and plant design. The product also has improved overall performance and reliability, to better conform to large-scale deployments. NC manufacturing processes are now included, with tools for 3-axis and 5-axis lathe machining.

Analysis for designers is also enhanced in the new re lease. A new Catia Know ledge template allows P2 users to define rules and checks for part and assembly design, which can then be incorporated into the designs performed in P1 products.

Catia V5 R7 will be available starting mid-July, and will be sold in more than 20 pre-configured packages adapted to specific user profiles. (Dassault Systemes; -KT