Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 7 (July 2001)

Ars Electronica 2001

Two animations created by students at SUPINFOCOM, a school in Valenciennes, France, join Pixar Animation Studio's "For the Birds" as finalists for the coveted Golden Nica award for Computer Animation/Visual Effects in Prix Ars Electronica's fifteenth annual competition. The winner will be announced September 3 in a ceremony broadcast throughout Europe.

Writes Jury member Rick Sayre, a supervising technical director at Pixar, in the jury notes, "[Overall] student work competed on an absolutely equal footing with work from big studios and commercial houses, and was in fact superior in most instances."

The finalists and 12 honorary mentions-animations, music videos, flash animations, and visual effects-were selected from more than 250 entries submitted by filmmakers in 22 countries. Not included on these pages are Perfect Storm and "Synchronicity," which were pictured earlier in CGW. The finalists will present information about their films, and all 15 winning entries will be shown during the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria, September 1 through 6. For more information, see - Barbara Robertson

Finalist: "L'Enfant de la Haute Mer." Laetitia Gabrielli, Pierre Marteel, Mathieu Renoux, and Max Tourret. ©: SUPINFOCOM 2000

Finalist: "Le Processus." Xavier de l'Hermuzière and Philippe Grammaticopoulos. © SUPINFOCOM 2000

Finalist: "For the Birds." Ralph Eggleston, director. © Pixar Animation Studios

Honorary Mention: "AP 2000." Loïc Bail, Aurélien Delpoux, Sebastien Ebzant, and Benjamin Lauwick.

Honorary Mention: "Thin Line (Between Raw and Jiggy)." One Infinity for Dice Raw.

Honorary Mention: "Intransit." Mike Daly, director.

Honorary Mention: "Le Conte du Monde Flottant." Alain Escalle, director.

Honorary Mention: "F8." Jason Wen.

Honorary Mention: "Lightmare." Robert Seidel.

Honorary Mention: "Moving Illustrations of Machines." Jeremy Solterbeck.

Honorary Mention: "Kami." Lionel Catry, Julien Charles, Nicolas Launay, and Olivier Pautot. © SUPINFOCOM 2000

Honorary Mention: "Waking Life." Richard Linklater, director; Bob Sabiston, animation director.

Honorary Mention: "Trick or Treats." Candice Clémencet and Jean-Dominique Fievet.