Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 5 (May 2001)

Letters - 5/01

I just read "Body of Evidence," the article on forensic animation on pg. 48 of the March 2001 issue, and I was much impressed. As an aspiring animator, this piece caught my attention because of its focus on a very specialized genre within my field. I plan to research it further.
Kurt Skoglund
Ventura, CA

I enjoyed the volume rendering article "Atomic Vision" on pg. 15 of your March 2001 issue. Now that your readers have an idea of how atoms and particles may look, they might be interested in what we have built here in my lab in Spring Hill, Florida. It's called the VBGD (Video Beta/Gamma Detector) and it shows the flights of charged subatomic particles on a NTSC monitor in real time. For more information, go to and consult the readme.doc.
David E. Jones
Vice President Engineering
LazerBolt Technologies
Spring Hill, FL

On pg. 66 of the March 2001 issue, the RenderDrive RD3000 should have been attributed to its manufacturer, Advanced Rendering Technology. The correct URL for ART and the RenderDrive is

The URL for Boxx Technologies, maker of the RenderBoxx reviewed on pg. 60 of the April 2001 issue, is

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