Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 5 (May 2001)

Exquisite Art

The Digital Exquisite Corpse Project was born when Yow, upon viewing Walters' art on the Web, suggested a collaborative project. Soon after, Parkes joined the endeavor. "The resulting work is frequently bizarre or dreamlike, possibly charged with humor, and is surprising and often poetic," says Yow.

To create an image for the project, the first artist completes a full 7- by 3-inch digital image using Adobe Systems' Photoshop, and e-mails the bottom quarter-inch to the next artist. The second artist uses the segment as a reference for his image, then sends the bottom quarter-inch of his completed work to the third artist, who in turn creates his piece using that section. The artists then e-mail their entire pieces to each another and the images are compiled atop one another in Photoshop to form a new single image. "We do not alter or touch it up," Yow notes. "It is pieced together exactly as the sections arrive."

To see more works from the project, visit -Karen Moltenbrey