Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 4 (April 2001)

News - 4/01

This month, we list the five workstation and graphics card combinations that most recently received the best scores for the Lightscape (Light-04) subset of the SPECviewperf 6.1.2 benchmarks. The Lightscape viewset, which consists of walkthroughs in four differently rendered environments, is designed to simulate global illumination effects.

The mean scores represent the combined, weighted results of the tests, measured in the number of frames per second the machines were able to execute. The larger the number, the better the score. To see other test results, visit

In an effort to streamline 3D Web development, the Web3D Consortium, a non-profit group comprising corporations and educational institutions, has announced the Rich Media 3D (RM3D) initiative, aimed at developing an open standard for Web and broadcast applications.The consortium plans to publish a draft standard this spring.

Plastics simulation software vendor Moldflow Corp. (Wayland, MA) has agreed to acquire Branden Technologies (Wilsonville, OR), a developer of hardware and software systems for the plastics and die casting industries....Gamecom (Arlington, TX), an Internet gaming manufacturer, has agreed to acquire Global VR, a maker of PC-based virtual reality arcade games....SimEx (Toronto), a turnkey provider of special venue digital attractions such as ride films, has agreed to acquire Iwerks Entertainment (Burbank, CA), a provider of large format theater systems and ride simulation technology....Avid Technology's Media Solutions Division (Tewksbury, MA) has formed a separate broadcast group that will design, implement, and support systems and technology specifically for broadcasters....Visualization and perceptual computing developer Muse Technologies (Waltham, MA) will now operate under the name Advanced Visual Systems (AVS). Muse and AVS merged last year....Mitsubishi Electric (Cypress, CA) has sold its 3D volume graphics business, Real Time Visualization (RTViz) to medical imaging manufacturer TeraRecon (San Mateo, CA). The transfer involves a $4.5 million acquisition of TeraRecon shares by Mitsubishi.

News is written and compiled by Jenny Donelan.