Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 4 (April 2001)

New Surface Suite from ICEM

The most significant upgrades involve the new ICEM Surf tool, which features real-time rendering, with which designers can view and manipulate model geometry in a photorealistic environment. The 3D renderings incorporate modeling and visualization tasks in real time, and produce accurately calculated reflections and shadows. The new ICEM Surf also includes a Reference Manager, which provides users with rapid viewing of large, complex files, and a new Unified Modeling feature that streamlines the interaction and relationships between different types of geometrical data.

"I'm happy to see PTC moving surfacing software toward the core of Pro/Engineer," says D.H. Brown analyst Ken Versprille, adding that although in future versions he would like to see direct surface control of models, "I see this as a very positive step."

The updated CDRS tool incorporates an optional module for special rendering effects, including advanced materials and procedural texture maps. CDRS also has a new material editor, which lets users choose materials by classes such as plastic or wood. The 3DPaint tool features general performance improvements, as well as new settings for brushes and canvases.

The ICEM 2001 suite runs on Windows NT, with CDRS also certified to run on Windows 2000. Pricing starts at $1995 for 3DPaint, $16,995 for CDRS, and $27,500 for ICEM Surf. (ICEM Technologies; -Jenny Donelan