Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 4 (April 2001)

High-Test Amorphium

Many of Amorphium Pro's enhancements concern the Web: Chief among these are the ability to save vector-based 3D objects and animations in Macromedia Flash format. Amorphium Pro also produces optimized GIF and QuickTime animations.

Other new features include the ability to import and export to major 3D file formats, and to convert EPS graphics into 3D objects. Amorphium Pro also supports industry standard 2D imagery for integration with programs such as Adobe Systems' Photoshop.

The product also features a new interface design with layered project menus, tear-away tool palettes, multiple window views, and a larger workspace. In addition, Amorphium Pro features more powerful morphing and animation capabilities than the previous version, with a keyframe-based timeline and support for multiple objects, morph targets, lights, backgrounds, and scene effects.

Vince Parker, owner of Artist in a Can out of Newhall, California, has been using Amorphium Pro for Web and video production graphics, and also to optimize models for rendering in other 3D applications. Compared to the previous version, he says, Amorphium Pro has a more robust animation system. As for modeling, "The new pinch tool makes it easier to create creases and wrinkles-great for building characters," says Parker.

Amorphium Pro runs on Macintosh and Windows 95/98/ NT/2000 platforms. The price is $379. (Electric Image; -JD