Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 2 (Feb 2001)

Digital Salon

At the recent showing in Manhattan, 85 works-including digital prints, interactive installations, CD-ROMs, computer animation, digital videos, and Web sites-were exhibited by professional artists and students from various countries. An international jury selected the pieces from more than 800 submissions, based on creative approach and aesthetic content. Following the New York showing, the Salon will tour Europe and Asia. It is also available for viewing on the Internet at

A sampling of the digital images from the Salon's gallery appears on these pages. -Karen Moltenbrey

" Extruded Hilbert Curve over a Charged Hexagonal Truchet Pattern" by Michael Trott

" Jacket and Frame" by Paul Coldwell

"Untitled #8 (Bust)" by Daniel Perez

"Fleeting" by Katrin Eismann

" Artist Looking at His Own Landscape" by Francis Crisafio

"High MT Tree" by John S. Banks

"Jardin (Alors)" by Jonathan Morse

"Dedication 911" by Karl Owens

" Mermaid" by Quimetta Perle

"Second Age" by Enrique Cabarcos