Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 2 (Feb 2001)

Digital Fusion Goes Modular

Additional modules are available for visual effects, keying, input/output, 3D tools, and rendering. The visual effects module supports calculations and expressions for tracking, stabilizing, and rotoscoping. The keying/editing module features an Ultra keyer optimized for bluescreen and greenscreen shots, a Difference keyer that takes two images as inputs and generates a matte based on the difference between the two shots, and several additional tools. I/O batch capture video and SCSI tape I/O are available with the input/output module, and 3D depth tools (including depth of field) and distributed network rendering are available with the 3D tools and rendering modules respectively.

The company recommends a multiprocessing computer with 512mb of RAM or more for Digital Fusion DFX+. The software runs on Windows NT/ 2000 operating systems. The cost is $995 for the base Digital Fusion 3 module, with additional modules priced at $295 and up. (eyeon software; -JD