Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 12 (December 2001)

Integrated Compositing for Softimage

The latest version of the software also features real-time shaders and an integrated dynamics simulator for creating both short and long hair and fur. Related options for this last capability include grooming, photorealistic rendering, and control over the interaction between the hair and its surrounding environment.

The new Softimage|XSI also has 3D text generation improvements. Users may now employ TrueType fonts or EPS files to create 3D text and complex curves directly in the system. The 3D text geometry can then be edited, deformed, textured, animated, and rendered within XSI. Last, 2.0 users can create Web-ready content with the software's new Shockwave 3D or Flash exporters.

Softimage|XSI 2.0 costs $12,000 and runs on Windows NT/ 2000, Linux, and SGI Irix platforms. (Avid/Softimage; -Jenny Donelan