Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 12 (December 2001)

Compaq Issues New Entry-Level Workstation

Compaq has also announced upgrades to two of its higher end workstations, the Evo W6000 and W8000. Both are now available with up to two Intel Xeon 2ghz processors with the 860 chip set and 36gb Ultra 160 SCSI drives running at 15,000 rpms. The W6000, with up to 2gb of memory, is designed for mid-range CAD/CAE and DCC applications, as well as financial trading and analysis. It starts at $1929. The W8000, with up to 4gb of memory, is designed for more demanding CAD/CAE, 3D rendering, animation, video editing, and GIS applications and starts at $2224.

A large range of flat-screen CRT and flat-panel displays is also available with the Evo series. (Compaq; -JD