Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 11 (November 2001)

SceneWeaver for Web 3D

SceneWeaver enables Web designers and multimedia artists to create photorealistic, interactive 3D Web environments that export to Macromedia Director. It works by combining a series of overlapping still images into a 360-degree panoramic model that can be viewed over the Web by ShockWave users. Possible applications include virtual tours, games, and interactive catalogs. The technology behind Scene Weaver comes from two other RealViz products-Stitcher, which combines digital photos into panoramas, and ImageModeler, which creates 3D models from objects in still photographs.

The new ImageModeler, Version 3.0, is the first that RealViz has made available to Mac as well as Windows NT/2000 platforms. Other enhancements to the modeler include a redesigned user interface and contextual menus designed to improve workflow and camera navigation. Last, the upcoming new version of Match Mover, RealViz's camera tracking program, features automatic tracking, a feature that debuted commercially earlier this year with 2d3's boujou. Automatic MatchMover detects relevant 2D features in an image sequence and uses them to create 3D scenes and camera moves.

Prices for the new and updated applications are still to be announced. MatchMover currently costs $5000. ImageModeler prices start at $2100. (RealViz; -JD