Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 1 (January 2001)

News - 1/01 CEO Tim Bray, a co-inventor of XML, believes that the more accessible format will make the vast variety of information on the Web easier and more enjoyable to find, sort, and remember. An example of the new navigational paradigm, in which a map of the continent of Antarctica serves as a graphical directory for the entire Internet, appears on the company's Web site at Visual Net will be sold on an ASP basis.

This month, we list the seven workstation and graphics card combinations that most recently received the best scores for the medMCAD-01 subset of the SPECviewperf 6.1.2 benchmark. The medMCAD-01 viewset is designed to model the graphics performance of a range of MCAD applications such as Pro/Engineer from PTC and SolidWorks from SolidWorks Corp. The viewset consists of 12 tests, each of which represents a different mode of operation. Four of the tests use a wireframe model; the rest use a shaded model.

The mean scores represent the combined, weighted results of the 12 tests, measured in the number of frames per second the machines were able to execute. The larger the numbers, the better the performance.

To see how the same systems fared in other benchmark tests, or to review results from additional workstations, visit

Largest mean score shows best performance. Companies listed are voluntary participants.

Source: SPEC/GPC benchmark results November 2000. Copyright Standard Performance Evaluation Corp.

Digital compression vendor Piranha (Dallas) has announced that it will acquire JJT, a digital imaging and database company based in Austin, Texas. The acquisition will expand Piranha's customer list to include the Library of Congress and the New York Public Library, among others.... Fakespace Systems (Kitchener, Ontario), a developer of immersive visualization systems, has opened its first European office, in Leicestershire, UK.... WamNet (Eagan, MN), a provider of network, storage, hosting, and rendering services, has acquired, an e-commerce vendor.

News is written and compiled by Jenny Donelan.