Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 1 (January 2001)

Models from Photos with PhotoModeler Pro 4.0

Features added to Version 4.0 include full NURBS curves, edges, constraints, new surfacing capabilities, field camera calibration, and enhanced and automated referencing functions. Another greatly enhanced feature is the ability to extract 3D data from a single photograph. Under PhotoModeler Pro 3.1, a single photo could be handled only if it had control points. In Version 4.0, a user can draw lines, edges, and surfaces on a single photograph and, by specifying perpendicular constraints on those lines, edges, and surfaces, obtain camera orientation and full XYZ data for the points and edges. Such capability is useful for modeling room interiors, road scenes, vanished buildings, or other scenes for which only one photograph is available.

PhotoModeler runs on Windows/95/98/2000/NT operating systems and requires a 166mhz Pentium-based machine with 32mb of RAM, 30MB of hard disk space, and an 800 by 600 display with 32,000 colors. The software costs $795. (Eos Systems; -JD