Issue: Volume: 24 Issue: 1 (January 2001)

A Desktop Interface for Matlab 6

Other new features of Matlab 6 include the ability to more easily edit, annotate, customize, and export graphics to other applications. New data statistics and basic fitting tools let users superimpose statistical calculations and curve fits-both text and graphics-directly on Matlab plots. And Matlab 6 provides new functions for viewing 2D images, surfaces, and volumes as transparent objects.

Matlab also offers optimizations to its core mathematical and signal processing routines, and better integration with various programming languages. For ex ample, it includes a new Java interface that lets users call Java directly from Matlab, allowing them to incorporate Java routines into their Matlab applications.

Matlab 6 runs on Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000 and Unix/Linux operating systems. Pricing for a single-seat license starts at $1900. Matlab 6 is actually part of a collection from The MathWorks that is called, somewhat confusingly, Release 12, which includes new and updated products for use with Matlab. (The MathWorks; -JD