Issue: Volume: 23 Issue: 9 (September 2000)

Spotlight: Immersive 3D for the Masses

Like other Elumens products, the VisionStation is based on the company's TruTheta imaging technology, which incorporates 3D algorithms with a proprietary lens design to project bright, well-focused images onto the hemispherical screen. The TruTheta technology also distributes pixels evenly around the screen, thus eliminating distortion. The company provides plug-ins for 3D Studio Max and Viz, as well as a number of other programs yet to be announced, thereby affording users a more-or-less immediate 180-degree view of existing content.

Elumens also makes larger-scale display systems such as the VisionDome, but with the smaller VisionStation it hopes to target architects, contractors, law enforcement officials, service personnel, and others who might benefit from immersive 3D applications but who might hitherto have been unwilling or unable to buy the pricier equipment required. The Vision Station was scheduled to begin ship ping this summer. (Elumens; Cary, NC; 919-816-8787;