Issue: Volume: 23 Issue: 4 (April 2000)

The Seven Wonders

Munns delved into digital art about three years ago. When the artist aspired to create a fabulously lush garden, he chose to replicate the most famous of all-the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. "In researching the Gardens, I became interested in the other Seven Wonders of the World, and began questioning whether it was possible to create all seven structures entirely in Bryce," he recalls. Knowing this ambitious project would be extremely time-consuming, the artist secured sponsorship from MetaCreations, enabling him to work on it full-time.

Because Bryce is intended mainly as a landscape tool, "the hardest thing imaginable to create with the software is a human figure, making the statue of Zeus, The Colossus, and the Temple of Artemis extremely difficult to achieve," says Munns. "As a result, this project pushed the software into visual areas that even the Bryce team didn't envision." These wondrous creations are featured on the following pages. -Karen Moltenbrey