Issue: Volume: 23 Issue: 3 (March 2000)

Straight Information on Bezier

Early this year, Computer Graphics World's Web site was overhauled as part of a companywide initiative by our parent publisher. The site, which is still a work in progress, offers some new features, including fully searchable back issues (to 1995); news feeds, and reinstated Gallery archives.

The editors of Computer Graphics World invite you to visit our site at www.cgw.comand to forward your comments to

Samples of the feedback we've received so far follow.
-The Editors

I am a frequent visitor to your Web site. For a while, there was a wonderful link called 'Products and Vendors' that contained a list of links to various companies that created graphics software and hardware.

This was a great way to discover new companies, get their addresses, and obtain brief descriptions of what the companies' products were. Is this link still around?

For the record, I am a software engineer specializing in NURBS curve and surface representation. I found my second job out of school on your site and I have found my latest prospect on your site as well.
Maria Giannakouros
Software Engineer
Santa Barbara, CA

We are currently working on an updated Products and Vendors listing for our Web site, and are planning to have it posted in the near future.

I don't accept cookies or spend time on a site that's only interested in collecting them.
Fred Spaulding
Bay Area, CA

The Computer Graphics World archives do require a one-time user registration. There is no charge for archive access.

An article about Emotion 3D: Web Edition from Anark Interactive Media in Boulder, Colorado, (pg. 8, January 2000) contained an incorrect phone number. The correct number is 303-545-2592.

Due to an editing error, a review of Gestel's SolidThinking 3.5 (pg. 59, January 2000) incorrectly stated that neither auto-des-sys' formZ nor Play's ElectricImage features NURBS modeling. Both programs have NURBS capabilities. The sentence should have stated that according to Gestel, the NURBS modeling functions in these packages aren't as powerful as those in SolidThinking.

are in order for Barbara Robertson, Computer Graphics World's West Coast Senior Editor. Her three-part report on Star Wars Episode One: The Phantom Menace, which ap peared in the June, July, and August 1999 issues of Computer Graphics World, has been chosen as one of three fi nal ists in the best subject-related series category in this year's Jessie H. Neal editorial excellence competition spon sored by the American Bus iness Press. The winner will be chosen from the finalists later this month.

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