Issue: Volume: 23 Issue: 3 (March 2000)

SPOTLIGHT: Superscape Targets e-business

E-Visualizer is not dependent on other application software such as DirectX or DirectMedia, so the complete download file size is small (150K). The use of a "plug-in that is smaller than most GIF files" in conjunction with standard Web authoring tools, "will remove the pain of putting 3D on the Web," according to Sharad Gandhi, European marketing manager for Intel's e-Business programs.

Objects created with e-Visualizer can have multiple predefined animations, which can be triggered on demand or run in a loop. Scenes can have multiple camera positions and lighting setups that can be manipulated using Ja va Script scripts. The software also has its own scripting interface that enables designers to add interaction to objects and allows access to all parts of the object and scene tree.

The e-Visualize technology, which is optimized for Pentium III processors, works with Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, and is compatible with Windows 95/ 98/NT/2000. Superscape is not licensing e-Visualizer as a standalone software product. Rather, the company is pursuing joint ventures and partnerships. (Superscape; Santa Clara, CA; 408-969-0517;
-Diana Phillips Mahoney