Issue: Volume: 23 Issue: 3 (March 2000)

SPOTLIGHT: Intergraph Zx10 Challenges i840 Systems

The Zx10 represents an alternative to other systems on the market that are based on Intel's new i840 chipset. For example, Intergraph says the SDRAM it uses in the Zx10 is less expensive and more reliable than the newer RAMBUS technology incorporated with the i840 chips. And Intergraph's input/output system, with its two 64-bit 66mhz PCI slots and four 64-bit 33mhz PCI slots, provides more bandwidth and flexibility than i840-based systems that support only four 32-bit slots.

Additional system specs include single or dual Pentium III 733/133mhz processors; 256mb to 8gb of PCI133mhz ECC SDRAM; and the latest graphics accelerator from Intergraph, the Intense3D Wildcat 4110 VIO (the VIO acronym refers to specialized Video Extensions).

A Zx10 ViZual Workstation with a single Pentium III 733/133mhz processor, 256mb of SDRAM, an 18gb hard disk, the Intense3D 4110 VIO 3D graphics accelerator, and Microsoft Windows NT operating system is priced at $7245. (Intergraph Computer Systems; Huntsville, AL; 800-763-0242;