Issue: Volume: 23 Issue: 3 (March 2000)

SPOTLIGHT: Apple Revs Up Final Cut

The software now supports the European PAL video format and is available in French, German, and Japanese. It also handles the in put and rendering of Japanese characters. Other new features include the ability to import Macromedia Flash files; support for additional third-party plug-ins for After Effects, Adobe Systems' popular video-editing software; improved batch capture, including the ability to capture multiple clips and sequences at once; new audio reverb filters; and faster digital video encoding and decoding.

Final Cut Pro 1.2 also comes with three third-party packages for post-production work: Puffin Design's Commotion DV, Maxon Computer's Cinema 4D GO, and Terran Interactive's Media Cleaner EZ 4 for QuickTime.

Final Cut Pro 1.2 is available for $999, or as a free upgrade to Final Cut Pro users. The program requires a 300mhz Power Mac G3 or G4 running on Mac OS 8.6 or higher, with 128mb of RAM. (Apple Computer; Cupertino, CA; 800-692-7753;