Issue: Volume: 23 Issue: 2 (Feb 2000)

Tomorrow's Designs

At the end of the academic year, participating schools nominated work by their students for award consideration. For this contest, works by 67 nominees from 53 schools were submitted and then judged by a panel of industry professionals and academicians.

Awards were presented in four categories: architectural design, urban and landscape design, product and industrial design, and visualization and illustration. The winners, who were recognized at the ACADIA Conference for computerized architectural design this past fall, received free formZ user licenses. Their work, as well as all the other submissions, were featured in auto.des.sys's study report, "Partnerships in Learning."

"How much the quality of the nominated projects has improved year after year cannot go unnoticed," says Chris Yessios, president of auto.des.sys. "It is obvious that the novice designers are getting comfortable with the new digital media, as they are creating strikingly expressive forms."

A sampling from the award-winning images is presented on the following pages. Additional images can be found on the auto.des.sys Web site at -Karen Moltenbrey

Honorable Mention, Urban and Landscape Design: Baseball Stadium in the New York Bay, Olaf Pfeifer and Binke Lenhardt (Pratt Institute)

Award of Distinction, Product and Industrial Design: Office Furniture, Damian Etrocassi (Universidad de Buenos Aires)

Honorable Mention, Urban and Landscape Design: Train Station at Meidling, Markus Olechowski (Vienna University of Technology)

Honorable Mention, Architecture: Construction of a Small Champagne Bar in a Former Gas Station, Kjersti Hegland Nordbotn (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)

Award of Distinction, Visualization and Illustration: Frank Lloyd Wright's National Life Insurance Building, 1924, Dean DiSimone and Joseph Kosinksi (Columbia University)

Honorable Mention, Visualization and Illustration: Sabre Fire Engine, Matthew Jones (Blackpool and The Fylde College)

Award of Distinction, Urban and Landscape Design: The Meeting of Two Worlds, John Endersbee (University of Adelaide)

Honorable Mention, Architecture: Swatch Headquarters, Wilson Au-Yeung (University of California at Berkeley)

Honorable Mention, Product and Industrial Design: Indoor Grill, Matt Gerules (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)