Issue: Volume: 23 Issue: 2 (Feb 2000)

Spotlight: Nothing Real Shakes Up Compositing with 2.2

Whenever a script is rendered in Shake, it is compiled beforehand, which allows for the optimization of operations such as color correction and transformation. Using a compositing hierarchy, Shake analyzes all color man i pulations and geometric transforms and au tomatically consolidates contiguous operators into a single function, allowing scripts to run more quickly. Also speeding up the compositing process is Shake's use of hybrid scanline/tile rendering: It doesn't have to load the whole image of every layer into memory in order to render a composition, as do many other compositing packages.

Version 2.2 of Shake now includes support for multiple processors; the ability for artists to track and stabilize the position, rotation, and scaling of a layer; a time view tool that allows for more intuitive viewing and modification of a composition; im proved field-based operators and field-based rendering; a GUI-based macro editor that allows users to automate repetitive operations; and a more powerful search capability. Of special note is a new continuous play function that will enable automatic caching, more precise animation timing, and faster overall playback, all without needing to actually render the sequence.

Shake is platform independent between the SGI Irix and Microsoft Windows NT operating systems. Images will render identically on both platforms. The price is $9900 for a network license. (Nothing Real; Venice, CA; 310-664-6152;