Issue: Volume: 23 Issue: 2 (Feb 2000)

Letters - 2/00

On behalf of the AmericaOne organization, we would like to make sure that South Bay Simulations receives appropriate recognition for the keel and bulb image on pg. 26 (also below) that was attributed to the AmericaOne Design Team. South Bay Simulations' Splash code generated the image used in the article. Splash is a nonlinear, free-surface flow code that has become one of the mainstays of our hull modeling and evaluation program.

Thanks again for spreading the word about the unique applications for modeling software that the America's Cup generates and thanks for the opportunity to give South Bay Simulations appropriate credit.
Bruce Nelson
Principal Designer
for AmericaOne

I enjoyed the article "Game Wars" in the December 1999 issue (pg. 46). As a digital video artist and producer as well as a console gaming fanatic, it was refreshing to read about aspects of gaming systems oth er than specifications and clock speeds.
David Wall
Glamour Shots
Oklahoma City, OK

The September 1999 issue of Computer Graphics World contained two articles-"Fields of Dreams" (pg. 33) and "Getting the Big Picture" (pg. 41)-that discussed large-scale virtual reality systems but failed to mention MechDyne Corp., a major player in the VR arena and the only VR provider to specialize in 'turnkey' large-scale virtual reality solutions.

"Fields of Dreams" featured the evolution of the Arco visualization system but omitted the role of MechDyne in this process. While Arco built the original visualization center, MechDyne's engineers collaborated with Arco to ensure it ran properly. When Arco's needs expanded and the company recognized a need for a system with greater capabilities, they chose to upgrade their system to a MechDyne one. The MechDyne system Arco currently uses is a fully reconfigurable system that allows presentations to large groups in a theater-like device, or folds into a CAVE-like system for geoseismic data research and collaboration in an intimate research environment.
Alison M. Doyle
Corporate and Technical Writer
Marshalltown, IA

Your Web galleries have been under construction for a number of months now. When will they be ready for viewing?
Master Yoda
Guildford, England

We are in the middle of a corporatewide Web site redesign that is taking somewhat longer than we had anticipated. The good news is that once the gallery archives are posted, they will be searchable, which had not previously been the case. In the meantime, despite the "under construction" note, if you click on the 1999 archive link, you can view the gallery archives for the better part of the past year. We've received many inquiries about these images, and we thank everyone for their continued patience.

Our Web gallery receives many pieces of high-quality artwork each month. Due to the sheer quantity of submissions, it has been difficult for us to reply in as timely a fashion as we'd like. If you've submitted imagery and haven't gotten a response, please feel free to inquire after a month has passed. Guidelines for submissions follow:

Please send images or URL to Computer Graphics World also accepts images on ZIP or CD media. When submitting artwork, please include some personal background (training, inspiration, etc.) as well as information on what software and hardware tools were used to create the images.

We welcome any insights you may have that would further our readers' understanding of topics discussed in this issue. We may edit your response to conform to our style and space requirements.

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