Issue: Volume: 23 Issue: 12 (December 2000)

Discreet's Unified Effects Program

Combustion features a fast-caching architecture that supports multi-processing, RAM caching, real-time multi-clip playback, and batch, background, and network rendering. Available tools include keying, motion tracking, color correction, vector-based non-destructive paint animation, 3D compositing, and support for both Adobe Systems' Photoshop and After Effects plug-ins. The 3D compositing capabilities include moving camera, lights, raytracing, and realistic shadows and reflections. Combustion also supports EPS vector objects and Photoshop layers.

Even though Combustion offers much of the power of Discreet's high-end line for the desktop market, analyst Wanda Meloni of M2 Research (San Diego, CA) believes the product complements rather than cannibalizes Inferno, Flame, and their ilk. "What Discreet's doing is supplementing the higher end by offering scalable solutions to its users," she says.

Combustion costs $3495 and runs on Mac OS 8.1 or higher or Windows 95/98/ NT/ 2000. The Mac version re quires a G3 and the Windows version re quires a 200mhz Intel-compatible system. Both versions use a recommended 256mb of RAM and 20mb of disk space. (Discreet; Montreal, Quebec, Canada; 514-393-1616;