Issue: Volume: 23 Issue: 11 (November 2000)

Creative Realism

Bucci, of Narragansett, Rhode Island, has been generating 3D artwork for the past decade as a hobbyist and professional. One of the main influences on his work is the software itself. "About half of my art is driven by the creativity spawned from testing the limitations of a particular software program," he explains. "I am constantly asking myself whether I can do certain things, and these 'studies' often turn into final pieces of artwork." The procedural texture "study" image titled "Metal Parts Study" resulted from this type of creative approach.

Bucci's recent projects vary greatly in subject matter, from fractal-inspired compositions to science fiction to the nuts and bolts of everyday life. Of late, his images have reflected a realistic context, something he attributes to the increased functionality found in newer software programs (such as the ability to produce soft shadows and atmospheric conditions) and to the attention he now gives to adding more detailed lighting and texture maps to his images. "However, I still enjoy looking at good Tron-like CGI as much as the realistic 3D images, and I hope this style doesn't disappear with the advent of affordable and user-friendly 3D applications," he notes.

Even though Bucci's art has had a realistic flavor lately, he still enjoys creating abstract and nonliteral pieces. For the majority of those images he uses 3D CGI for its lighting capabilities and the flexibility the medium provides for placing reflections. Although the artist uses various programs for his range of works, his usual palette consists of a Macintosh G4 running RayDream Studio (formerly a MetaCreations product).

A sampling of Bucci's work appears on these pages. For a more complete look at the artist's work, visit his Web site at -Karen Moltenbrey