Issue: Volume: 23 Issue: 1 (January 2000)

Finite-State Models in Surgery

I have been reading Computer Graphics World since I began studying CAD Engineering five years ago at what used to be the CAD Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. I am now a senior artist for a game developer, where I specialize in game shape libraries and texture mapping. I get a huge kick out of doing a render that is 'photorealistic' to the point where I am asked if it's a photo or not. To me that means I have done what I set out to do.

All along, the knowledge and information in your publication has helped me do my job a bit better.
Frank P. 'Gray Eagle' Williamson
Charlottesville, Virginia

I Just wanted to send a note of appreciation for the outstanding coverage that Diana Phillips Mahoney and Karen Moltenbrey have provided to scientific and information visualization during the 1999 year.

I always look forward to Mahoney's selection of images for the final "Insight" discussion in each Computer Graphics World issue. Her coverage of topics like "The Picture of Uncertainty" (November 1999, pg. 44) is also great.

And Karen Moltenbrey has written excellent articles on visualization, such as "Going The Extra Mile: Goodyear Advances Tire R&D with High-Performance Data Visualization" (September 1999, pg. 26) and "Taking Stock: The New York Stock Exchange Adds a New Dimension to Wall Street with a 3D Trading Floor" (October 1999, pg. 40).
Theresa-Marie Rhyne
IEEE Visualization 99
Lockheed Martin
Technical Services
US EPA Scientific Visualization Center

On page 52 of the story, "Knowledge-Driven CAD" in the October 1999 issue, the caption under the hubcap image should have read as follows: Minco Tool & Mold uses Unigraphics to design complex tooling like this mold tool for a styled wheel cover. For a separate tool design, Minco used MoldWizard-a knowledge-based mold-design environment-and was able to complete splitting the core and cavity inserts in only four hours, versus almost 30 hours using its previous process.

On page 36 of the "3D on the Web" story, we incorrectly cited Metastream's technology as that used for viewing in a project conducted by Viewpoint Digital for Sharper Image. The last sentence in the paragraph following "Looking Sharp" should have read as follows: Viewpoint used Shells Interactive's (Los Angeles) 3D Dreams to give the models created at Viewpoint interactive "behaviors" and used Shells Interactive's 3D Dreams Spike Player for viewing. (3D Dreams works with Macromedia's Director; Spike Player plugs into Macromedia's Shock Wave.) The caption on page 37 that refers to Metastream should also refer to Shells' 3D Dreams Spike Player. In the same story, a reference to Cyberworld Shout Interactive in the "3D Web Tools" box on page 38 should have read simply "Cyberworld."

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