Issue: Volume: 22 Issue: 12 (December 1999)

Spotlight: C4W Brings CAD to the Masses

3D Shop VR can read IGES, DXF, and VRML files, and can convert outgoing files to these formats. The program is not intended as a real-time collaboration tool-it includes no file compression, version control, or transfer mechanisms. But it does provide a great deal of CAD power to the desktop PC user who formerly had to mark up changes on a printout.

3D Shop VR is available for $499. It requires a machine running Windows 95/98/NT. 3D Shop X-Pert, which allows the creation of engineering models and applications for the Windows platform, will ship in Q4 of 1999, for a price of $1999.(C4W.COM; Hollis, NH; 888-463-7747;