Issue: Volume: 22 Issue: 12 (December 1999)

Spotlight: An Ironclad New IronCAD

With the multi-kernel technology, any part in any assembly can be set to use either the ACIS or Parasolid kernel. Parts can be changed to use the alternate kernel at any time. If one kernel fails during a modeling operation, the software switches to the other kernel.

Also new in IronCAD 3.0 is constraint-free part and assembly substitution, which allows engineers to leverage previous designs in the creation of new ones. The software also integrates Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Thus, engineers can customize IronCAD for vertical applications using VBA Macros.

Parametric relationships have also been extended to encompass 2D and 3D SmartDimensions and IntelliShape vari ables across parts and assemblies. And a new Parameter Table lets users view and edit the parameters and relationships of a feature, part, or assembly. Relationships across assembly levels update automatically when assembly structures change.

Other advances include enhanced intelligent 2D drawing functions, file-size reductions, decreased load times, and improved handle behavior.

Priced at $4995, IronCAD 3.0 is available for Windows 95/98/NT. (Vis ionary Design Systems; Santa Clara, CA; 408-969-8000; www/
-Diana Phillips Mahoney