Issue: Volume: 22 Issue: 12 (December 1999)

Sebastian Dosch is a moody person.

The Aura-Luna project, produced by Dosch and published by Sony Music, contains a CD of musical scores composed and ar ranged by Rupert Schellenberger. To help establish a visual context for the songs, Dosch created a booklet of 3D imagery that ac companies the music "to help your imagination travel into the worlds of Aura-Luna," a name that, like the project itself, evolved from the creator's mind.

"I always wanted to create a place where the listener is able to escape and relax," Dosch says. "To support this, I didn't just create images; I created visual worlds." To design the 14 locations of Aura-Luna-one for each song on the CD-Dosch used NewTek's (San Antonio, TX) Lightwave and his company's own DoschTextures, DirtyUp, and Aqua-Pack Lightwave plug-ins. A selection of images from a few of these worlds is displayed on the following pages.

The Aura-Luna CD is currently available in Germany and will be released in the US during the spring of 2000. Additional information about the project is available through Dosch Design at -Karen Moltenbrey

From the song "Chant of Hope"

From the song "Oasis"

From the song "Library of Dreams"

From the song "Hymn of Trinity"

From the song "Dome of Light"

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